Raising our vibration during the corona crisis

By Bettina Zumdick

COVID-19 is spreading around the globe. The Washington Post reports that 80% or more of the cases are mild, even though many people have died.

In this time of heightened awareness and fear, it is most helpful to stay calm: you are likely aware that feeling fearful and stressed is creating elevated cortisol levels in the body, which suppress the immune function and derails many healthy bodily functions and thus make us vulnerable to the virus and other diseases.

On the other hand, feeling joyful and having fun is boosting every defense and healing mechanism in our body.

Also, exposure to sunlight, regular exercise (especially outside in nature), and a healthy diet are boosting all systems in the body, as well accelerating any healing processes that may be needed.

We carry within us viruses and other detrimental pathogens all the time. Communication flashes between viruses, microbes, and body cells ,and they can change in the wink of an eye. Ideas and feelings of the most optimistic nature are ultimately our best protection.

As divine beings manifested in physical bodies, we have all the power of creation: we get what we focus on. When we focus on fear for any prolonged time, we will create exactly what we fear the most.

Focusing on love, fun, and joy for a large part of the day regularly will result in much more pleasant experiences. So, let’s spend time feeling joy and love and raise our vibration!

Modern health research as well as ancient healing traditions suggest that eating a healthy diet, taking time to relax and enjoy, exercise, spending time outside, avoiding constipation, engaging in meditation and/or prayer support the immune system to fight off infections like COVID-19. Along with simple hygiene, these measures are the number one way we can all protect ourselves and prevent the spread of disease.

Coronavirus: An Energetic Perspective

The coronavirus is primarily affecting the lungs and respiratory system. According to Oriental systems, the lungs and the large intestine are a complementary set of organ systems: both are part of the excretory function. If the septic system (the large intestine) is not working properly, lung function is often deficient as well and vice versa.

From an energetic perspective, the lungs and chest are troubled when there is a lack of love, joy, connection, fairness, and true communication in our life. In my opinion, the move towards social distancing is exactly the opposite of what is ultimately needed in our world at this time.

However, looking back at the past 6-12 months in this country, we can clearly see a progression of the polarization politically and emotionally on TV and social media and in the population at large. This ensuing rift seemingly cannot be bridged or healed. Communication has deteriorated to the point where people are exchanging derisive remarks and stinging comments without any desire to understand one another or truly communicate.

From an energetic perspective, a healthy large intestine function shows our ability to easily release old ideas or past experiences and ways of doing and being that no longer serve us. If people are constipated, the release of these old ideas and ways of doing and being is not occurring smoothly, quite apart from the fact that constipation also means reabsorption of toxins that weaken the entire body.

Clearly, true communication has broken down in our world. A basic demand for fairness and respect has disappeared, and the old, ingrained structures that are keeping the status quo are unwilling to let go.

Can we truly begin to truly communicate again and transition this world towards a better place for all humanity, not just the best of us, but also the least of our society?

Bettina Zumdick is the founder and director of the Culinary Medicine School. She is the author of Authentic Foods, 10 Delicious Desserts for All Occasions, and Golden Dream Cookbook.

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