Diet and Health

Covid Vaccine Blues

By Alex Jack Whether you have been vaccinated against Covid, ruled it out, or are still on the fence, the

Planetary Health Statement on Covid, Natural Immunity & Vaccines

The Covid pandemic is a tragic consequence of the modern way of life and appears to have its roots in

Diet, Telomere Length, and Covid

People who suffer badly from a Covid-19 infection have one thing in common—and it’s not their age or having underlying

Healthy Diet Plays Vital Role in Warding Off COVID-19

A new study published in the Britich Medical Journal of Nutrition Prevention & Health highlights the importance of nutrition in boosting

Does the American Diet Make Us More Vulnerable to Covid-19?

A panel of nutritionists and food policy experts discuss the role of obesity and other chronic diseases in the coronavirus

Fermented Foods Drastically Reduce the Risk of Covid Deaths

The European Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology has published a landmark study that spotlights the role of traditionally fermented vegetables such

Questioning the mRNA Vaccine

By Edward Esko At the level of the cell, existence is maintained by a delicate balance between DNA (yang) and

2021 Online Macrobiotic Winter Conference

January 21-24, 2021 Featuring 15 International Macrobiotic Teachers, including Martha C. Cottrell, M.D., Neal Barnard, M.D., Tom Monte, Jessica Porter,

Guidelines for the White House Kitchen and First Family

Planetary Health, Inc. By Alex Jack, Edward Esko, and Bettina Zumdick During the pandemic, a whole foods, plant-based diet has

Diet—The Missing Link

Reducing the Risk of Covid-19 By Alex Jack      Eight years ago, in 2012, six miners in Yunnan, an agricultural province

Summer Conference Goes Anti-Viral

By Alex Jack      Kiking off the 2020 Online Macrobiotic Summer Conference, Boston area frontline nurse Donna Clifford narrated a dramatic

Flattening the Curve with Diet

By Martha C. Cottrell, M.D.      I am a healthy 92-year-old woman, a physician who discovered the role our diet plays

Coronavirus and the Loss of Hope

Part II of Edward Esko’s talk with Japanese Macrobiotic Friends June 27, 2020 The lung and large intestine are referred

Dietary Protection from Coronavirus

By Alex Jack, Bettina Zumdick, and Edward Esko As the world mobilizes to contain the coronavirus pandemic, a fundamental dimension

Covid-19 and Diet

By T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D.      Here is the hopeful, even revolutionary, idea. People can defend themselves against the worst effects of

Raising our vibration during the corona crisis

By Bettina Zumdick COVID-19 is spreading around the globe. The Washington Post reports that 80% or more of the cases are

The Anatomy of a Pandemic

By Alex Jack ”There will be one more new viral epidemic before the Spiral of History peaks in about 20